Friday, May 4, 2018

"Mrs. Mary Binckley Succumbs in East" (1930)

[Newspaper clipping, presumably California, circa January 1930.

Many thanks to William Myers, Mary Davy, Sally Young and Sue Davis for their ongoing research collaboration; specifically to William for providing a scan of the original document, and in turn many thanks to Peter Johnston Binckley and Patricia D'Arcy "Trish" Binckley (1951-2007), at the source.]

Mrs. Mary Binckley Succumbs in East

Word of the death in Washington, D.C., recently of Mrs. Mary Louis Binckley, formerly resident in San Francisco, at the age of 92 year, was received here yesterday. Mrs. Binckley, long a leader in capital society, as a child was a friend of Mrs. Alexander Hamilton. Mrs. Binckley, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Michel, was the widow of John M. Binckley, assistant Attorney General of the United States during President Johnson's administration. She was buried at Washington. Surviving are Mrs. Thomas Armat of Washington, wife of the inventor of the first moving picture projection machine, and Miss Nellie E. Binckley, also of Washington, and Colonel George S. Binckley of Los Angeles, a son. 

[Mary Louisa/Louise Mitchell/Michel Binckley (February 16, 1838-January 18, 1930).
Mrs. Alexander Hamilton = Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton (1757-1854).
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Michel = Harvey Mitchell/Michel (1799-1866) and Jane Mary Wood Johnston Mitchell/Michel (1811-1892).
John Milton Binckley (1831-1878).
Mrs. Thomas Armat = Mary "May" Binckley Armat (1875-1969).
Thomas Armat (1866-1948).
Miss Nellie E. Binckley = Ellen/Nellie/Nella Fontaine Binckley (1860-1951).
Colonel George S. Binckley - George Sydney Binckley (1870-1941).] 

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