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Peter Johnston, Jr.: Death Notice, December 20, 1831

[Richmond Enquirer, Volume XXVIII, Issue 66 (December 20, 1831), page 3. Paragraph breaks added for easier reading.]

ANOTHER PATRIOT GONE. --- Died at Panecillo, his late residence, on Thursday morning last, after an illness of about 12 days, Peter Johnston, Esq., aged 69 years, late Judge of this district.

At an early age, he entered the American army, where he displayed his patriotism, his integrity and his zeal in the cause of freedom, and the deliverance of his country from British slavery. He was promoted to the office of lieutenant, which he held when the army was disbanded.

After the war he studied the practice of Law, and located himself in his native country [and county], Prince Edward, where he was very successful. He represented that county for a number of years in the House of Delegates, and was chosen speaker by that body. In the session of 1810-11, he was appointed Judge of this District, which office he held until this last spring when he resigned.

As a politician, he was a fierce, inflexible Republican, supporting the present Chief Magistrate with ability and zeal from the first announcement of his being a candidate for the office of President.

He possessed a strong and vigorous mind and wielded the pen with ability. His habit of early rising and daily exercise, gave him a strong constitution, which few men possess to so great a degree of years.

The relations of the deceased have lost in him a kind, tender soul, affectionate husband, father and friend, who was endeared to them by every human tie, and the public will sympathise with them to this affliction of Divine Providence.

From the commencement of his sickness, he felt persuaded that he should not recover, and expressed an entire willingness to die.

We have given this hasty sketch of the deceased, but do not feel competent to delineate with ability his worth, and the loss the public have sustained in his death and will hope, therefore, that some abler pen will give to the public a more earnest and perfect account of the deceased patriot. --- Abingdon . . .

[Peter Johnston, Jr. (January 6, 1763-December 8, 1831), was just shy of 69.

Inflexible Republican = in the sense of the term used before the "Second Party System" ushered in by the election of Andrew Jackson in the Election of 1828. In that cycle, Jackson was a "Democrat," his opponent, John Quincy Adams, a "National Republican." The modern Republican Party formed in 1854.]

[Many thanks to William Myers, Mary Davy, Sally Young and Susan Davis for their ongoing research collaboration.]  

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