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Joseph E. Johnston to Coralie Henry Johnston, January 20, 1891

[Joseph Eggleston Johnston at Washington City to Coralie Henry Johnston at 107 South 1st Street, Richmond, Virginia, January 20, 1891, folder 638, Trigg-Floyd Collection, Special Collections, John Cook Wyllie Library, The University of Virginia's College at Wise (formerly Clinch Valley College), Wise, Virginia. This is my rough transcription.]

Very dear Coralie

Your note of [the] day before yesterday is just come, to my great satisfaction. tThe especial cause of my great satisfaction is the indication that you are not averse to making me another visit in the "near future."

It is very evident to me that you didn't receive the largest share of the pleasant welcome given by the inmates of 107 S. 1st St. to your party of two. Now bear this in mind -- that if you come here in a party of a dozen times two you shall have more than half the welcome. And that if all stay home you will give me more pleasure than all the others. But who is the fellow you consider the "most important of the household." I am afraid that he'll keep you in it. Don't let him.

I am very lonesome. Tho' the writing of this has kept off some of it.

most affectionately yours
J. E. Johnston

[Coralie Henry Johnston (1861-1954); her father, John Warfield Johnston (1818-1889) had died on February 27, 1889, at the age of 70
Joseph E. Johnston (1807-March 21, 1891); his wife Lydia McLane Johnston had died in 1887 at the age of 65]

Many thanks to William Myers, Mary Davy and Sally Young for their ongoing research collaboration.

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