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Samuel Pope Mitchell to Thomas P. Mitchell, January 11, 1818

[Samuel Pope Mitchell at Amherst County, Virginia, to Thomas P. Mitchell at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 11, 1818]

Dear Brother, on my return from my Fathers, from spending an agreeable vacation and leaving the family and neighbors generally well, I received your letter dated 23 Nov 1817 on 30 December which was a gratification that may better be conceived than described: especially those who have a brother, a friend whom they even will have reason to respect. When I reflect what great opportunities for improvement you enjoy and how well you are pleased (for otherwise you could not have been) it causes a fraternal spark of gratification to glow within, sooth[e]s all my anctious [anxious] cares.  

I am well and have enjoyed reasonable health since I saw you and I happily presume that you have, by your not mentioning it, though you did to your Father which I saw.  I have taken another school at the same place sessionally to commence the first Jan, and expire 15 June and commence the first July and expire that Nov. for as long as we please, teaching 10 1/2 months in the year at $10 per scholar per session. 

I had a meeting of the imployers [sic] before the examination and asked them $600 they offered $500.I refused, say you right or wrong? so we were off for a while and shortly after one of them came to me in Lynchburg and requested that I should not leave them. I told him I would make them one more proposition & suffer me to take 30 scholars if I could get them and give me $10 per sch. per session and I would stay he said it would do; so I presented them with a paper with that amount with the examination and they readily subscribed so I have 22 and the promise of several others and before the session is out I expect to have my compliment. They always objected to more than 25 before which is enough; but money is the prime object of every teacher.

My last examination was much more flattering than the other. I had Uncle James Mitchell and a Mr. MccConeval a teacher from Nelson to judge of our performances who pronounced great praise, besides these litterati [literati], there were a great many from the neighborhood. I believe I have now come through with all that relates to myself only that I am not yet in that holy state of matrimony but am on a pause for there is a young Miss Elvira Harris, daughter of Ned Harris in Nelson in this neighborhood, that is so rich and handsome that I am at a great loss what is best -- for to wait for a more convenient season of leaf[?] I might not meet with her or even her equals however nothing on that subject has even been mentioned and I feel at a loss on this subject as well as on many others for the want of your good counsel.

Majr Preston was married on Saturday-night of Christmas to a Miss Williamson and aged about 40 contrary to the wish of his family. Miss Sally P. Burks M[letter torn here] sestor [sister?] and Garland Rucker of Bedford were married on Thursday 8th ins. I was one of the waiters and cut a few rusties you may depend.

I understood when I was at home that Miss Sareta[?] Weaks was with child by Archibald Franklin.  Julia Claytor brought forth two fine sons about the last [of] November one lived near a weak [week] and died the other is living yet.

Sally Lewis is just ready to bring forth at Tho.s R. C. Claytor's & Thos R. C. has been laid up with a soar [sore] leg. John Claytor is at the mill yet and no chance of marrying. Robert M. Claytor and Julia are going to live at the mill. 

Your very affectionate brother

Saml. P. Mitchell 

[Thomas P. Mitchell (1787-1861) at University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Samuel Pope Mitchell (1795-?), his brother
Samuel Mitchell (1758-1835). First wife Siner Pulen (1759-1791). Second wife Margaret Claytor (1773-1835)
Stephen Preston (circa 1760-1828) married Sally Williamson, his fourth wife, on December 27, 1817. His second wife, Elizabeth Pullen (1764-1811), had been Siner Pulen's sister
Uncle James Mitchell, Minister (1747-1841)
Archibald "Archer" Franklin (born circa 1780) had married Mary Weekes in 1800
Garland Rucker (1791-1831) married Sally Burks (1803-?) 
Elvira Harris (circa 1800-1834)
Ned Harris (circa 1750-1832)
John Claytor (1789-1855)
Robert Mitchell Claytor (1792-1865), married to Julia Ann Graham (1796-1880)]

Original manuscript in the Mitchell Family Papers, 1818-1853, Virginia Historical Society. This is my rough transcription. 

Many thanks to William Myers for sending copies of letters from the Mitchell papers, and also to Mary Davy and Sally Young for their assistance.

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