Sunday, October 23, 2016

Nella Fontaine Binckley and the San Francisco Press Club, 1896

San Francisco Call, Volume 79, Number 75, February 13, 1896:

The Artist Presents a Handsome Painting to the Press Club.
Miss Nellie F. Binckley, the artist, has presented to the Press Club a very handsome painting of a lady in this City, the wife of a business man. The lady has thick blonde hair, and is of a type of beauty rarely seen. The picture as it is finished represents a sort of modern Ophelia. There is a crown of marguerites in her hair, and the touches given otherwise make her appear in a manner very attractive. The canvas is nearly two by three feet in size. The portrait is much appreciated by the club. It is said to be a perfect likeness of the lady who sat for the artist.

[Nellie/Nella Fontaine Binckley (1860-1951)

The San Francisco Press Club was formed in the late 1880s. To confuse matters, there is also a wine bar by that name]

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