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Mary Louisa and Nella Fontaine Binckley, Santa Rosa, California, 1889-1890

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Number 135, December 19, 1889:
Local Brevities
Miss Nellie Binckley, of Washington, D. C., is spending the winter with her mother, Mrs. M. L. Binckley, in this city.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Number 152, January 10, 1890: 

Local Bevities
George Binckley, son of Mrs. M. L. Binckley, the librarian, departed for Oregon Thursday.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Number 154, January 12, 1890: 
Local Brevities
Miss Nellie Binckley, late of Washington, D. C., has been appointed to preside over the art department at Miss Chase’s seminary.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Number 154, January 12, 1890:

MISS NELLIE F. BINCKLEY, LATE OF Washington, D. C., will take some pupils in drawing and painting, studio 716 Fifth st. ja7d1w

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Number 207, March 14, 1890:

Local Brevities
Mrs. M. L. Binckley, the librarian, reports a falling off in the patronage of the library since the pleasant change in the weather. 

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Number 234, April 16, 1890: 
The Library Trustees
The Board of Library Trustees at the meeting Tuesday evening elected Miss Bertha Kumli librarian in place of Mrs. Binckley, who has served in that capacity for five or six years past. The members of the Board present were Dr. M. M. Shearer, T. L. Thompson, W. O. Hill and Dr. H. C. Crowder, George Lewis being absent. There were four applicants placed in nomination for the position, Mrs. Fay, nominated by W. C. Hill, Miss Seawell by Dr, Crowder, Mrs. Binckley by T. L. Thompson, and Miss Kumli by Dr. Shearer. The first ballot resulted in one vote each; the second ballot was unchanged. On the third ballot Mrs. Binckley and Miss Kumli received two votes apiece and the fourth ballot was the same. The fifth ballot, Miss Kumli 3, Mrs. Binckley 1, resulting in the election of Miss Kumli. Committees were appointed as follows: Book committee, Trustees Shearer, Crowder and Hill; committee on rules, Crowder, Lewis and Shearer; committee on room, Hill.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Number 268, May 27, 1890:
Local Brevities
Miss Binckley has a handsome portrait in oil on display in the show window of Cowen’s Bazaar. In respects other than the perfect likeness to the original does the work exhibit the skill of the artist. The chiaroscuro of the picture is faultless.

[Mary Louisa Mitchell/Mitchell Binckley (1838-1930)
Nellie/Nella Fontaine Binckley (1860-1951)
George Sydney Binckley (1870-1941)
Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California, had a population nearing 5,000 at the time; in 2016, it is closer to 175,000] 

Many thanks to Katherine J. Rinehart, M.A., Manager, History & Genealogy, Sonoma County Library, 211 E Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 for help with initial local research, the California Digital Newspaper Collection project, and also William Myers, Mary Davy and Sally Young for their assistance. 

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