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Beverly Randolph Johnston to John Preston Johnston, December 4, 1837

[Beverly Randolph Johnston at Abingdon, Virginia, to John Preston Johnston at Halifax, Virginia, or Greensboro, North Carolina, December 4, 1837.  Box 26, Folder 11, Robert Morton Hughes Papers, Special Collections and University Archives, Patricia W. and J. Douglas Perry Library, Old Dominion University Libraries, Norfolk, VA 23529. This is my rough transcription. Extra paragraph breaks added for easier reading.]

My Dear Boy,

I am delighted at receiving your letter a few days ago from Gen’l. Carrington’s. I am highly satisfied my dear Preston with your accounts which I hear of your attention to your studies, and your progress in them. Continue to deserve the praises which I hear of your good conduct, and you will realize my best hopes.

Your sister, I have just heard, is returned from the West, to your Aunt Floyd’s. She will, in a few days, go to Liberty, to your Aunt Jane’s, where I intend she shall stay for some time. It is my wish that you shall spend your next vacation, with her. I hear she is very much grown, and is very forward in her studies.

Take care that she does not outstrip you, my dear Pres – write to me frequently after the next two months, because I shall be absent on a journey to Tennessee & Alabama for that length of time. I set out tomorrow. Write to me hear about the first of February,

Tell me particularly what studies you are engaged in, how you like them, and which you like best?

I send the written note for pocket money, I hope it will not be unwelcome.

It is very late & I must set out early in the morning, so I must close my letter. I remain
                                     Most affectionately
                                            Your uncle
                                      Beverly R. Johnston

[Beverly Randolph Johnston (1803-1876)
John Preston Johnston (1824-1847)
Gen’l Carrington = Edward Codrington Carrington (1790-1855)
Eliza Henry Preston Carrington (1796-1877)
Your sister = Eliza Mary Johnston (1825-1909)
Aunt Floyd’s = Sarah “Sally” Buchanan Preston Floyd (1802-1879)
Aunt Jane’s = Jane Mary Wood Johnston (1811-1892)
Tennessee and Alabama = not sure what Beverly was up to with these journeys.]

[Many thanks to Sue Davis, William Myers, Mary Davy and Sally Young for their ongoing research collaboration.]   

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