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Elizabeth Prentiss "Betsey" Steptoe Johnston to Sarah "Sally" Tate Steptoe Massie, April 16, 1816

Sandusky Lynchburg Nov 2008 by Pubdog Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
[Elizabeth Prentiss "Betsey" Steptoe Johnston at Sandusky, Lynchburg, Virginia, to Sarah "Sally" Tate Steptoe Massie at [Pharsalia], Nelson County, Virginia, April 16, 1816.  Massie Family Papers, Virginia Historical Society. This is my rough, annotated transcription from a copy graciously provided by William Myers.]

I was very much gratified my dear Sarah at receiving a letter from you, for I had become quite anxious to hear from you. I had hoped and intended to have visited you before this but my health has been and still is so precarious that I cannot speak with any certainty as to the time that it will now be in my power to see you. If you find it convenient to leave home don't . . . for me, but come up. I am extremely anxious to see you.

You want some Celery and Carrot seed I have not one, having sown all I had many weeks ago. It think it too late for Celery.

Martha was delighted with her pretty Necklace. The children all send a deal of you. Lucy sends hers also and says you may expect a letter from her by the first opportunity. 

Sending[?] love to Mr. Massie and believe me yours with true affection
                                                             Eliza P. Johnston  

[Sarah “Sally” Tate Steptoe Massie (1796-1828) had married William Massie (1795-1862) in 1814.

Elizabeth Prentiss "Betsey" "Eliza" Steptoe Johnston (1783-1820).

Martha = Martha Butler Johnston (1814-1836).

Lucy = Lucy Hopkins Johnston (1800-1888).] 

[Many thanks to Sue Davis, William Myers, Mary Davy and Sally Young for their ongoing research collaboration.]   

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