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Jane Mary Wood Johnston Michel to Robert Morton Hughes, November 2, 1891

[Jane Mary Wood Johnston Michel (aka Mitchell) at Washington City to Robert Morton Hughes [at Norfolk, Virginia], November 2, 1891. Box 3, folder 9, Robert Morton Hughes Papers, Special Collections and University Archives, Patricia W. and J. Douglas Perry Library, Old Dominion University Libraries, Norfolk, VA 23529. This is my rough, annotated transcription from a copy graciously provided by William Myers. Extra paragraph breaks inserted for easier reading.]

                                                                             931 P. st. N.W.
                                                                             Washington, 2d Nov. 1891

My dear Robbie,

Your letter of 30th is just received. I have forwarded your mother’s letter to Louisa, & have signed the order you enclosed. I am by no means certain that I am carrying out your intentions; as, in your haste, you failed to state distinctly what I was to do. But I suppose the right thing is to send back the order to you. Therefore you will find it enclosed. If wrong, you will inform.

Tell Eliza, I thank her heartily for her kindness in lending my daughter the money that it is so important for her to have without delay.  I am not able to do it, having been subjected to great expenses by continued sickness. Doctor’s bills & costly remedies; travelling, very high board, employing a nurse, &c. have combined t exhaust my means.

I presume there is no doubt about a small residuary fund. But, if that resource fails, I will take care your mother shall not be loser.

I hope to see you all whenever you come to the City. Sue joins me in love.  
                                 Yours most affectionately     
                                       J.W. Michel

[p.s.] My state of health is feeble, and I am ill from time to time. 

[J.W. Michel = Jane Mary Wood Johnston Michel/Mitchell (November 26, 1811-January 6, 1892). This must have been one of the last letters she ever wrote.
Robbie = Robert Morton Hughes (1855-1940).
Your mother/Eliza = Eliza Mary Johnston Hughes (1825-1909).
Louisa = Mary Louisa Mitchell/Michel Binckley (1838-1930).
Sue = Sue Henry Mitchell Taliaferro (1845-1940); her disabled and estranged veteran husband was William Meade Taliaferro (1840-1913).]

[Many thanks to William Myers, Mary Davy and Sally Young for their ongoing research collaboration; in this case, specifically to William for providing a scanned copy of the original document.]

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